Golden Retriever Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most common of all the Golden Retriever behavior problems. It is because of their amiable and friendly nature Golden Retrievers come very close to their owners in a very short time. This article describes the tips on handling Golden Retriever Separation anxiety.

What causes separation anxiety?

This bond, which has developed between the pet and the owner, causes the separation anxiety when it is left alone. Separation anxiety is the anguish and agony felt by the pet when it is left unaccompanied. This can rapidly intensify and can take a destructive nature if left unattended. Therefore, to prevent this problem, it is important to understand the needs of your Golden Retriever. Taking the Golden Retriever to a dog training class or course is one of the best things that an owner can do to help your dog overcome the separation anxiety.

Because of their social nature, Golden Retrievers need constant companionship and social interaction. They owner has to devote a lot of time and attention to make them feel happy and contented. It is due to this temperament of Golden Retrievers they experience separation anxiety when left alone for a lengthy time period. A Golden Retriever suffering from separation anxiety tries it level best to keep their owner at home. This fear of being isolated from its owner makes the Golden Retrievers even cry. Golden Retriever separation anxiety can be noticed when you are preparing to go out. If your pet get anxious and worked up, you must understand that your Golden Retrievers is suffering from separation anxiety. Other symptoms indicative of separation anxiety include defecation in the house, urination in inappropriate places, jumping through windows and crying.

The first step in preventing the growth of separation anxiety among the puppies is to fully wean away from their mother, usually this happens after when they are 8 weeks of age. And it is the time to start training the Golden Retriever, independent from his mother. This is the phase that Golden Retrievers usually spend with their breeder. Once you bring the Golden Retriever your home it is your responsibility to train the puppy to prevent separation anxiety. Care should be taken of number of things to prevent your pet from separation anxiety. This includes things like, leaving your Golden Retriever without any fuss, that is, you must not shower extra love and affection when you are preparing to leave. The same should be done when you come back to your home.

Whenever you have to go out for a long period of time, say few hours, engage your Golden Retriever in vigorous exercise prior to leaving. Once you feel the dog is tired provide calm-submissive energy with food and water and let your pet rest. Then, while the Golden Retriever is in quiet resting mode, leave the place. Additionally, to make your departure less noticeable, decrease the interaction with him before leaving. Another method is use a toy or bone and as a distraction when you slip out the door. Such treats will make it easier for him to forget about their separation anxiety and your absence.

Another way to ease Golden Retriever separation anxiety is to provide them with a pal. The hallmark of the Golden Retriever’s temperament is their ability to befriend with other dogs, cats, and most livestock. A friend to play with can be great way to take your Golden Retriever out of otherwise seemingly incurable separation anxiety. Entertainment is something that keeps your Golden Retriever away from separation anxiety, no matter in what form it is available.